Advice for the Collector

My December blog about loving a tallcase clock but having no room for it at home, and asking, “what do you recommend I do?” was in its own way, a letter to Ann Landers. Let’s think of her as “Ann Tiques” for my purposes. It got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be a hoot, and useful besides, if one of the Americana publications had an ongoing column offering advice to collectors, in response to their letters, the advice given by Ann Tiques or her sister, Abby.

The possibilities seem endless. Should I buy? Should I wait? Should I upgrade? Am I being taken for a ride? What do you recommend about “x”, “y,” and “z”? Do you have advice about what would add to my collection? Where is the best place to display a ___? Am I the only one who believes ____, is concerned about _____? Which auction house would be best for selling ____?

Given that Ann Landers dealt a great deal with relationship quandaries, so shall Ann Tiques. What is the best way to maintain a good relationship with a dealer? I was told it was sold but saw it at a show the next month, isn’t my money any good? What should I do? The dealer I have worked with seemed put out when I told her I was tapped out for the moment? Is she being petulant or unfair?

The problems, unknowns, and decisions collectors make seem tasty ingredients for Ann Tiques. So why doesn’t such a column exist? Wouldn’t it be fun. In my February blog I’ll use a problem I am mulling over as my letter to Ann Tiques. Have questions or problems or your own, let me know. Stay tuned.

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