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Come Collect with Me – Musings on Collecting and American Antiques

By Baron Perlman

A mainstream collector’s voice, a psychologist’s eye on collecting and collectors, a university teacher’s questioning, and an approachable style. Put those together and you have a recipe for a winning book

The book contains exercises on style and connoisseurship with photographs of antiques from my collection that I analyze, including the compromises made in their purchase. A collector maintains a delicate balancing act keeping research, the intellectual and passion in harmony. This book addresses all three and offers the collector tools to walk that tightrope.

If you are a new collector just starting out, a long-time collector, or know someone who does, this is the book for you. I offer Come Collect with Me to collectors of all stripes — from bottle caps, to snow globes to high country Queen Anne — but particularly to those who collect antiques, casually or seriously. The book explains, confirms, and illuminates questions collectors have about their collecting. It offers insights and lessons. Understand collecting and be a better collector. The book may save you money; it may cost you money. It may save a few marriages.

The book should interest any collector’s partner who wonders what species that partner truly belongs to. If grown children want to understand their parents’ collecting, this is the place to begin.

The book is all about collectors, and the world they inhabit physically, psychologically, economically.  Buy this book and enter the world of collectors. And enjoy the website –

To purchase through your local bookstore from IngramSpark please use the following information.

Softcover ISBN: 9781949085082

Hardcover ISBN: 9781949085099

To ask your local library to order a copy, please use the hardcover ISBN.

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