The Collector’s World

The Collector’s World: More Musings on Collecting and American Antiques

By Baron Perlman

Baron Perlman in a clear and accessible style discusses the motivations and foibles of collectors, never hesitating to do so with humor and a wry look at himself.

Collecting is an extraordinary pastime. The Collector’s World embraces all those who enjoy the “hunt,” but especially for American antiques and scrutinizes collecting in all its glorious wonder.

Meant for any collector, or those merely trying to understand friends or family who collect, this work, written by a long time collector, is meant for you.

This book:

  • Delves into the psychological forces that drive collecting.
  • Probes the minds and feelings of those who collect – hope, passion, disappointment, happiness, and fulfillment.
  • Assesses the pressures on collectors to buy and their consequent mistakes.
  • Details lessons learned (or waiting to be learned) – a need for courage, patience, and preparation.
  • Suggests and defends style and connoisseurship criteria.
  • Confesses and sometimes forgives a collector’s sins and loss of virtue.

Pick up The Collector’s World and indulge in Baron Perlman’s collecting love story. A delicious read awaits. Available at

To purchase through your local bookstore from IngramSpark please use the following information.

Softcover ISBN: 978-1-949085-51-8

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-949085-52-5

E-Book: 978-1-949085-53-2

To ask your local library to order a copy, please use the hardcover ISBN.

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