Dear Ann (Tiques) – A Question about Condition

Q:  I want to add a piece to my collection but its condition is not good. While the piece looks fine from a distance it has undergone extensive restoration. The price reflects this work and the dealer is honest as to its condition. It is rare and I would snap it up if the condition was good or better. What should I do?

A: You are not alone in your struggles of building a collection, in this case balancing rarity on the one hand and condition on the other. Only you can make the decision as the answer to your question lies in individual taste and preferences. Will adding the piece to your collection and looking at it make you smile? Do you think you will have regrets? Of course, sometimes this is not known until the piece is safely displayed in your home. Whoever thinks collecting Americana is free from ambiguity should think again.

Well readers, what would you add? If you have questions for Ann, send them to her via me (   Until next time.

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