What is a Collector to do?

Happy holidays everyone. A wonderful holiday season for all of you. 

Those who know me know I love tallcase clocks. Sandy and I have three – all wooden works. We have owned these engineering marvels for years and enjoyed them immensely. One is in the living room, one the dining room and one in a bedroom upstairs. I found another tallcase clock I really like. Great case, drop dead dial, brass works which would be our first. My problem is that I cannot find a place in the house for it. I have walked the house and then walked it again. (A disclaimer – our home is not that big, about 1850 square feet.) There does not seem to be a place for it.

I need a service that every two or three months picks up one of our clocks and drops off another so we can swap them out on a regular basis. I’d store one of ours and do the swapping myself but there is no place to put one away – tallcase clocks being bigger than pieces of coin silver or redware plates. One doesn’t simply stick them somewhere.

So, what is a collector to do? It is like one’s children – I love them all equally although they differ each in its own way. I know, if I truly loved the one I covet, I would purchase it and then find a place for it. But . . . a place simply does not exist.

Any advice?

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