Manchester Draws Near

In another week I will be in Manchester hopefully adding to my collection. Anyone who follows American antiques or the shows on Facebook or Instagram has seen “dueling shows” the past few weeks with color photos of objects from last year and some being brought in a few days. As a collector I feel attended to as The Collector’s Fair and the NH Dealers Show compete for my attention, attendance and dollars. What fun! And I might add, great marketing. Bravo!

I know of one piece I will looking at soon after one of the shows opens. But I especially look forward to the unexpected, to being wowed. And I have never been disappointed. As all collectors do, I remember those pieces I should have purchased. One was a wonderful Windsor chair from last year’s NH Dealers Show. I let one get away.

What interests me is that despite the fact I have been collecting for a long, long time I am still excited about the journey, standing in line, meeting and greeting, and looking at the antiques being offered. The passion is still there.

The location of the Collector’s Show got me thinking. Food trucks would be great the opening morning but school rules where the Collector’s Show is held do not allow them. But no tailgating, really? Antique collectors are a different breed, say from football fans, I guess.

My book, Come Collect with Me has been out for about 4 months so I have moved from author to marketer. I will have cards with the book’s cover and information at both of the above-mentioned shows on the tables where other literature is free for the taking. And beginning at 11:30 I will have a table at the Collector’s Show to sell books, but more importantly, meet people I have corresponded with and feel are friends, but have never met. Please stop by for good talk. Thanks to Karen for the opportunity.

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