Manchester Antiques’ Week 2019

Hi Everyone:

Last month I wrote about awaiting Manchester. It is time to let you know what I learned and how it went. I was struck, by how again, it is the collectors with whom I talk that make Antiques’ Week so much fun. Great conversations in line for The Collectors’ Fair and for the NHDA show. Despite their years of collecting everyone was waiting to fall in love one more time.

And I did. I haven’t really loved a piece in some time. I was surprised and pleased that I still can fall in love. It was a sampler that seduced me. A real stretch in price but a work of art and gorgeous. Did I purchase it? Alas, I did not. While I was near the front of the line and had the opportunity, I shared a photo with my wife (Sandy) back in Wisconsin. Samplers are not her thing and she thought we should pass. While I loved the sampler, I honored her wish. After all, she would have to live with it too. Having thought about couples who collect and written on the topic I understood.

A Black doll awaited me for Sandy. In all our years of collecting she has found five she loves. This doll was pictured in one of the show’s pre-show color section with photos galore. I called the dealer and she was not holding it for the show. So, I bought it sight unseen in person but the photos did it justice. Sandy loves her. Well-loved and great shoes.

As for me, I purchased a redware plate with writing on it. Another Saint to grace my collection. Wonderful condition and a fair price. I saw no other redware with writing on it that I did not already own at the two shows I attended. Perhaps next time.

Friendships were made. Three collectors from Kansas City and I talked and talked in line, at the Manchester airport, and in Baltimore over supper. I am thinking of visiting them next spring. They can show me their collections and Kansas City, and we can resume our conversations. The friendship of collecting.

I continue to think of this year’s Manchester trip with fondness. I sold a few books at The Collectors’ Fair, schmoozed with folks, and enjoyed the array of fine offerings. Next year is already on my calendar.

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