The Best of . . .

July 1, 2019

In reading a favorite car magazine I remembered that once a year it has a Top Ten issue. Top Ten cars, most influential people in the automotive world, and so forth. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a publication do that for American antiques? I think it would be a hoot. Instead of the Top 10, perhaps Top 5 or even Top 3. What categories to use for the preceding year? Here are my suggestions. What would you add to the list? Of course, reasons would be given for those selected.

  • Best one-day show, two-day show, three-day show.
  • Best show overall
  • Best booth design
  • Shows that take best care of collectors
  • Best restrooms at a show
  • Best food at a show
  • Best pre-view parties at a show
  • Dealers that provide their collectors the best advice, education and service
  • Most influential people in the American antiques’ world
  • Best websites
  • Best auction houses
  • Best publications of the year (periodicals, books, articles)
  • Top three genre that are rising in desirability
  • Top three genre that are falling in desirability
  • Top three educational events (museums, dealers, shows, etc.)
  • Top three, “why did that piece bring that?
  • Best buys of the year
  • Best new dealers
  • Biggest losses of the year (dealers that have died or retired, auction house merged or sold).
  • Top three collector complaints
  • Top three dealer complaints

As an example, if the longest line at a show was a category, I would nominate the New Hampshire Dealers Show from 2018. Who would you vote for as winners? Let me know.,


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