Giving Antiques as Gifts: We Need a “Store” For some years my wife and I have given coin silver spoons or silver serving spoons, with a card describing when they were made and a bit of information about them, as wedding gifts. They are unusual, compared to what couples usually receive, and have been appreciated. I believe a need exists for a “store” (probably a website) where one could shop for American antiques as gifts. The site would contain items with descriptions and prices from a variety of dealers. Someone looking for a gift could go and browse. I imagine accessories (smalls) not necessarily with a country look  in other words, not painted boxes, firkins. Etc. I think objects made with silver or brass, pewter, cruet sets, glassware (glasses, pitchers, etc.) perhaps earthenware, and the like would be appropriate. Couples who are going to be married could “register” on it. I think it would be relatively easy to set up a website where someone could list their name(s) and types of items that interest them. The site also would lend itself to anniversary gifts, silver for the 25th, tin for the 10th; birthdays, baby gifts, and other celebrations. With good marketing I believe the site could get some press in non-antique publications. Perhaps the NHDA or ADA website could host the “store’ with antiques for special occasions. Let me know what you think.

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