On-Line Offerings – Discouragement

I have concluded that I am burned out on online auctions and other offerings. The photos available simply do not speak to me. I cannot see interesting details, feel the object, look at it from various perspectives and viewpoints. When I see items, post-auction pictured in the Bee, for example, and a photo fills my screen, I go “ah. I might have been interested in that if only . . . “

I know that the pandemic, and it is raging in Wisconsin, leaves dealers, show promoters and auction houses little choice. It is frustrating as there is simply no safe way for me to travel in these trying times.

I am stepping back and monitoring my mood and motivation. I find myself less interested in online shows and auctions, viewing items online because I am “supposed to.” But the fire is rapidly being extinguished. I will keep in touch about how my mood and motivation progress but I assume that I am not the only collector who is burning out, yearning for in-person events once again. I am simply exhausted staring at my computer screen at objects that seem lifeless.

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