Observations of an Author

In this blog I want to do something a bit different and talk about some observations of those who write about the antique marketplace and Americana. If you are reading this you know that I authored a book about collecting American antiques (Come Collect with Me) and you probably are aware that I contribute to Maine Antique Digest on occasion.

I recently received an email from Clayton Pennington, Editor of MAD, informing me that he received a letter from a reader and collector who enjoyed my writings. They connected with him. The letter was published in MAD’s current issue. Readers may not be aware but writers (and editors like Clayton) seldom get any feedback about what they write and publish. In all my years of writing for MAD I can recount only a handful of missives from readers telling me what they liked, quibbling about details, or disagreeing with me. I treasure them all, rare as they are, as rare as some of the antiques I have been seeking for some time.

Why do we write you might ask? We write because we love words and ideas, because we believe we have something to say and share, because a well-written piece is like a symphony.

I write this not so readers will suddenly deluge me with feedback but merely to observe. If there is an article or other piece of writing in MAD, The Bee, The Magazine Antiques or elsewhere about Americana that you like, have disagreements with, or want to add more detail to, let the authors or publication editor know. Your words will mean a lot to them and fill, just for the moment, the black hole that writing typically occupies.


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