The Times They Are A Changin

Stay in place orders, self-quarantine. The virus ongoing. Writings on how the American antique world will be different when the pandemic ends. Dealers concerned about buying and selling, revenue diminished. Brimfield cancelled. The times have changed. What the “new normal” will look like in American antiques I do not know.

And a collector can tell. Half and full page ads in the April 10th issue of The Bee in glorious color from good dealers. Dealers responding to 90% off on ad costs, even authors such as mysefl. Websites being added to and updated. Email blasts going out to listservs. One video tour of a dealer shop led to me purchasing a great pair of Connecticut silver sugar tongs – sweet indeed! Dealers reaching out to clients. Sales being made. No, none of this can make up for cancelled shows and auctions delayed or only on-line. But it is good to see dealers are focused on selling.

I wonder how the buying is going, however. House calls in a “locked down” state probably out of the question. Dealer to dealer buying ongoing? I do not know.

But the dealer ads in print (on-line for The Bee refreshed me. It used to be that way before dealers turned to the internet and only a few advertised. I liked it. Seeing great items. The ADA with an on-line show. Keep at it dealers! Much appreciated.


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