Antiques Week in Manchester

I am just getting around to offering some observations on Antiques in Manchester week. Chime in if you wish, especially in how I could better spend my time.

I wonder if the Mid-Week show is gone forever. I can remember when it was a premier show, then a mid-level one, and gone this year. Karen’s Collector’s Fair has largely taken its place. I wonder if someone will fill the weekend preceding “Antiques Week” with an auction? I think participation by collectors would be strong. And I miss the show that used to be at The Armory, The Riverside Show. Even without air conditioning, it was one of the best venues I have ever seen. But I reminisce. 

I found The Collector’s Fair to be a strong show, although for whatever reason I do not find pieces there often. The venue is fabulous, the array of offerings impressive. The line was long this year and as usual, talking with folks before the show opened made the time pass quickly.

The New Hampshire Dealers’ Show also had a strong presence, as usual. Waiting outside is most inconvenient although the somewhat cooler weather (as compared with last year) made it safer. I hope the organizing committee can strike some understanding with the hotel about moving collectors back inside. The array of offerings also was strong. It seemed more high country to me than the Collector’s Fair although that may be a perception not shared by all collectors. I may be biased in that I found a gem in Jeff Tillou’s booth – a Thomas Chambers Hudson Valley painting with a view from West Point that now adorns our living room wall. Thanks Jeff!

I was struck by the absence of some dealers who in the past have always been at one show or another – both sampler dealers, Greg Kramer. I had talked with Greg who was busy buying and selling and doing quite fine without the hassle of the travel, set-up, and so forth. I am sure readers will know other dealers who normally show who were not in attendance this year.

I did not attend the outdoor show or the one in Concord. Coming in from out-of-town I always go to Delaney’s Clock shop. While another tallcase clock might lead to a costly divorce always seem to find a clock I would buy if we had the space. And while I am in West Townsend, I stop at the group shop there.

Time to save some dollars for next year.

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