Table of Contents

List of Items Pictured



Section 1 – In The Beginning

Chapter 1: The Story of a Collector and a Painting 

Chapter 2: Style and Connoisseurship

Chapter 3: Collector Preparation – Becoming Knowledgeable 

Chapter 4: Antique Collectors

Section 2 – Why Collect?

            Chapter 5: Our Fascination with Objects

            Chapter 6: Some Well Known Collectors

            Chapter 7: Stories

Chapter 8: The Emotional 

            Chapter 9: A Hobby and what it Offers

            Chapter 10: Psychological Explanations

Section 3  A Study of Collectors

Chapter 11: A Typology of Collectors

            Chapter 12: When Couples Collect: A Most Interesting Dance

            Chapter 13: The Stages of a Collector’s Life: A Curious Journey

Section 4  Dollars and Sense

            Chapter 14: Collectors and their Money

            Chapter 15: Reasons Collectors Do Not Buy

            Chapter 16: I Will Not Pay One Penny More

Section 5  A Collector’s Observations

            Chapter 17: An Antique Show

            Chapter 18: Collectors’ Energy and its Importance

            Chapter 19: From the Collection of . . . Thoughts on Human Nature 

            Chapter 20: Red Tag or Dot Means Sold

            Chapter 21 The Devil’s Dictionary of American Antiques

            Chapter 22: The Mystery of the Artist, Ship, and Location 

Section 6  Lessons Learned and Shared

Chapter 23: The Virtue of Patience 

            Chapter 24: Evaluating your Collection

            Chapter 25: Memorable Moments  – The Cherished and the Missteps

Section 7  Coda 

            Chapter 26: Reflections on Collecting (Antiques)

Chapter 27: Perhaps Some Day – “A Collector’s Code of Conduct”Recommended R

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