Are Antique Shows Heading for the Exits?

I was talking with a well-known dealer who was doing the York, PA show. He told me he was not going to do the Philadelphia Show or the Connecticut Show and perhaps not even a show in Manchester, in August. I was surprised. He said he did fewer shows last year and did just fine financially. He is tired of them, being on the road, away from his shop and home. More effort will be going into his website.

I shared what he said with a younger dealer I know. He said he thought collectors of his generation could support the American antique community and its offerings, but they were not buying at shows. He mentioned a second well-known dealer who was cutting back on shows or giving them up altogether.

Are shows heading for the exits? If so, it would sadden me as I love them so. But perhaps collectors that are older (I am 75) and our preferences cannot stop the march of “progress?”

What do folks think?

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