Prices Listed by Dealers or Not?

On one of the groups on Facebook devoted to American antiques an interesting discussion arose over whether dealers should list prices on their pieces and what collectors’ preferences are. As a collector I weighed in that I like prices to be listed. Doing so gives me a sense of whether to pursue the piece, perhaps its condition (lower price for worse condition), and if the dealer, in my opinion is in the “ballpark” with his pricing. Even POR (price on request) tells me the dealers, based on his pricing metrics, believes this is an expensive antique.

Having prices listed helps me learn about the marketplace. But I know some very good dealers who do not list prices unless one is requested. It seems to me, perhaps naively, that not listing prices would cause collector inquiries who would not have bothered the dealer if the collector had known how much the piece cost to begin with. Or at least the price at which one begins to bargain. But what do I know?

I am curious. What do collectors prefer? Prices listed or not?

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