A Video Chat with a Dealer – More Powerful than I Expected

At the recent Collectors’ Fair on-line antique show, I made use of the video chat feature and talked with a dealer. My response to the experience surprised me in its power and meaning. There we were, face-to-face, seeing each other, talking about all sorts of things under the sun – a dealer I have known for quite some time and like very much. Living as I do in the Midwest I cannot just hop in my vehicle and make an appointment to go to a dealer’s shop in New England. This was the first time I held a conversation with a dealer face-to-face in months.

My response made me realize, once again, that collecting is as much or more about people and relationships, as it is about objects. We caught up on how our lives were progressing, did a bit of antique business I will admit (will a collector she sold a piece to let it loose on the market?), but primarily connected and luxuriated in each other’s company. We promised that next year we would do the same, but at the antique show itself a year from now. Whether our optimism will be rewarded is unknown but oh I look forward to it.

Those of you on the East coast or in New England are luckier than you may know. You can share a good cup of coffee and conversation with dealers when the mood strikes you. Treasure those moments; I certainly would and did.

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