Baron Perlman is a long-time collector of Americana and a regular contributor to Maine Antique Digest. He was born to collect.

Books by Baron

If you are a new collector just starting out, a long-time collector, or know someone who does, this is the book for you. I offer Come Collect with Me to collectors of all stripes — from bottle caps, to snow globes to high country Queen Anne — but particularly to those who collect antiques, casually or seriously. The book explains, confirms, and illuminates questions collectors have about their collecting. It offers insights and lessons. Understand collecting and be a better collector. The book may save you money; it may cost you money. It may save a few marriages.

One would think that Barry’s soothing words have made the rounds by now – squashing out the general air of malaise which had become pervasive in the antiques world. Collecting is something eternal, it comes in cycles and fads, but it does not die out. Nay, the aficionado of antiques is another thing: stubborn. Yet, Barry persists.

The writings contained in this volume and its predecessor (Come Collect with Me) represent one of the most valuable tools that exist for collecting and collectors. To my knowledge it is practically unique.

Enjoy the conversations and study the lessons contained here. Collecting is a wonderful journey. If this is your first leg of the trip, you could have no better navigator than Barry. If you are an old salt, prepare for revelations about yourself and your fellow inhabitants in the vast quirky galaxy of collecting antiques.

Thank you for your interest!

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